About Michael VanErdewyk - CEO and Co-Founder of Bright Bucks Rewards App

Michael VanErdewyk began building his skills as a business leader early in his career as an assistant store manager with K-Mart. Working at the retailer’s high-volume Madison, Wisconsin, location, he oversaw 150 employees and more than $10 million in budgetary and expense funds. Michael VanErdewyk subsequently drew on this experience to become a top-performing financial planner and consultant, managing as much as $60 million in client assets at firms like Prudential and Merrill Lynch. He followed up this success by providing strategic leadership to the Lemna Corporation, where he served as national sales director from 1990 to 1993.

Michael VanErdewyk has since gone into business for himself, establishing and leading independent business consultancy Global Investments and water-treatment and pond-management provider Bioverse. In 2005, he added to his entrepreneurial credentials by founding student loan marketplace Reliamax. In his capacity as CEO, he went on to grow the holding company’s annual revenue to more than $40 million while insuring private loans totaling over $3.5 billion.

Today, Michael VanErdewyk brings his background as an entrepreneur and business leader to Bright Bucks. Serving as CEO of this technology company since co-founding it in 2018, he has spearheaded the design, engineering, and launch of a purpose-driven, mobile rewards app. Through the app, Mr. VanErdewyk puts actual money into the pockets of users while making it easy for them to donate their earnings to US-based charities.